Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Again?

Here's a quickie--I keep forgetting to blog when facebook is so easy!

Anyway, we went to celebrate our 9th anniversary in Billings--temple, dinner, hotel, shop--the annual tradition, on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was still feeling pretty wiped out, but we had a fun time. The nice little 6oz steak I had at Texas Roadhouse was to.die.for...I was surprised, pleasantly. And I had a ball with my husband, who we all know is hilarious and thoughtful. I miss hanging out with him, and while I totally love my mommy job, I am reeeeally looking forward to graduationg from it, getting these three squatters out on their own, and having a string of days like Wednesday. On the way, we listened to "The House at Loon Lake"on the ipod, a cool old episode of This American Life and it was FUN. On the way home, we read parenting books. We know how to party, I'm telling you.

I have begun some deep spring cleaning/re-organizing. The kind where I pretend like I am moving and pack everything up and clean the shelves, counters, drawers, etc., then take things to the trash and thrift store, then put all the good stuff back. My house looks like crap, but it's gonna be great in a few weeks. And Rich is building me a new piece of furniture, one that matches THIS set he built 5 years ago. I call it a Craft Locker, but it's basically an old-school wardrobe-style piece to go in between the bookcases (the TV cabinet part is in storage since we got the flat screen). It'll be cool.

I have to go now. Heidi is home sick from school and she and James are about to kill each other. Later!


CasperintheUK said...

Well, no wonder why you feel icky, doing all that cleaning. Fortunately, we have two more moves coming up in the next 15 months. So, I have decided that a deep clean would be superfluous busyness.

Jenn said...

Now don't over-do it missy!! Glad you guys had such a nice time....I have a great weekend planned for next week (scrapbook retreat) and i can hardly wait!!


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