Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday, yay!

I have been sick all week--Sunday started with a moderate-to-severe sinus headache and Monday it became a full-blown, throbbing ear ache. On Tuesday morning, my left ear was swollen shut, so I saw my doc at 9am and got antibiotics and supplements to kill the infections and stop the general inflammation (fish oil DHA is supposed to help with that)(the diagnosis was double ear infections, with an abscess in the left ear that was infecting surrounding tissue in neck and jaw). The pain was as bad as labor, except maybe worse because it was steady, w/o the rhythmic cessations and definite end (and great reward) of labor. I have never been in that kind of pain. I finally got some pain meds from the doc and had a good night's sleep Wednesday, so Thursday there was marked improvement. I even went to PTO mtg and served as secretary for the first time. Today I still can't hear clearly but there is less swelling. The pain seems pretty bad, but that's prolly because I was trying not to take anymore vicodin. But I am going to, and I am taking a nap with James shortly.

My girls are auditoning for the Firehouse 5 Playhouse production of Alice in Wonderland today--they've been having theatre workshops all week and are very excited. If you would like to come see the shows, they are next Friday, 2/12 at 7pm, Saturday 2/12 at 2 and 4pm and admission is $5, or $20 for a family. Proceeds go back to the PTO, which shelled out a couple thousand clams to give the kids this experience, so COME SEE THE SHOW!!! Anyway, I just wanted to remark again here how much I adore my children and how lucky I feel to be their mom. It has been a hard week, I have been pretty much bedridden, but they have been really good at taking care of me and entertaining themselves and doing their chores. I am thankful for that! One thing Addie has done to help is reading to James. Heidi has to go to sleep around 7:30pm, but James often has had a nap and Addie's bedtime is now 8pm. So Rich will go tuck Heidi in (reading and a "10-minute-lay-by") and Addie has started taking James to his bed and reading to him for a half hour or so. Then she goes up to her room and James just reads himself to sleep. How cute is that? Here are some pix I snapped on Tuesday:

Awww...reminds me of THIS.
Meanwhile, Heidi continues to amaze and impress with her artwork. This little marker-on-paper piece just cracked us up:

"Look at your little artist," it says. Indeed. How does she know that artists stereotypically wear berets and carry palletes? and look at that cute little paint brush in her hand. She just kills me.

She drew this pencil-on-paper piece on her lapdesk. Rich and I were cuddled up on the couch watching Harry Potter on 1/23, and she was facing us, "sketching" us on her lapdesk as we watched the movie. Quite a likeness. I was still wearing a striped stocking cap. Rich was thinking about something, she explained to us, but I can't remember what.
Melin Kids Rock.


Jenn said...

Too cute....I feel bad that i haven't even been able to check in on you. Lots going on here at casa Claar...we so have to visit....maybe another visit-over-churros! Love girl and I hope you are getting better! And dang those Melin kids are cute!! i so love Heidi's art work...she kills me!

Aimless said...

I just want to say that first, i'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. It sounds extremely painful and it hurts me just to read it. I feel useless not living a little closer, but you are in our prayers.

and second, i've been suffering from a slight case of baby fever for the past few months. Nothing too bad....until I saw that picture of james again when he was so new and tiny. oh my goodness. I just came undone.

Jamie said...

YAY, baby fever! Make me a niece!! (uh, oops! did I say that outloud?)

Thanks for the well-wishes. I feel horrible today, can't keep food down, but I'm resting.

Re: vacations...the kids have next weekend Feb13-16 OFF, so we were wodnering if you guys wanted to go to M.O.R. on Saturday or Monday. We are doing our little anniversary temple trip on Feb 16-17 (9 years, baby!) Also, spring break is March 26-April 6. Lemme know what you want to do.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

I am sooooo sorry Maj! I knew you weren't feeling well earlier in the week and I am a bad sis for not checking on you. I hope you start to feel better dang it! It sounds horrible.

I am so happy that your kids are helping out. Every once in a while it will happen at our house but lately it's mostly just fighting! My neices and nephew are too adorable! Heidi's art work is the best! We have a picture that she drew for Drew that is a stick figure and says "Drew Uncle"! We put it on the friger! I miss you!

Geo said...

Feel better, dolly.

I love love love the portraits of you and Rich!

Rich said...

the silver lining is all of this is the cartoon me has way more hair then the real me, That's my girl!!!

Elizabeth said...

Aren't kids the coolest? Those pictures are great! Jack drew one on Sunday in Primary that was so cool. Don't know what a race track and cars had to do with "church", but he even put spoilers on some of the cars.
Hope you get to feeling better! Being sick sucks! And mom's don't get "sick" days!!

Aimless said...

Hey! I didn't see that last comment to me til just now. Sorry! craziness. But I was just thinkin to myself that I hadn't seen you pop up on blogger lately and wondered how you are feeling. I don't want to make you talk on the phone if you don't feel well, so here I am, in cyber space, thinking about my Jamie.

I think I'll talk to Matt about going to the reef for my birthday on april 3rd! Since your girls have it off anyway, that might be fun! It might have to wait til matt gets out of training though (which could be a while longer). We'll see, but we will definitely get there!



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