Friday, February 12, 2010


I have received from several sources complaints that I haven't blogged in a while. I am still sick, my ear is still swollen and infected after 11 days of augmentin. The antibiotics are taking a toll and I have had a few days of nausea and vomiting (a la pregnancy) over the past week. I've also felt nearly normal a couple of days, but then I crash the next day. I just saw my regular doctor and after an exam she scheduled a CT scan for my head and x-rays for my back at 1:30. She scheduled a consult with another doctor and will call me late this afternoon with another plan of action.

On the bright side, I have been able to keep up with the laundry and spend quality reading/cuddle time with the kids while I am holed-up in the basement. I also scanned a bunch of old photos to save on disks. I posted an album of mission pictures on facebook, and when I feel decent, I am working on cropping and color-correcting other oldies like this:
That's Audrey and Willy and me holding baby Tyler at Christmas 1994. Will was teaching Ty to be Rat Boy.

I have also been reading like crazy and creating blog posts in my head. I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell in 6 hours (say what you want about his "glibness", I looove the way he thinks and sees patterns everywhere; I devour everything he has to share!), Half The Sky by Nick Kristoff and his wife, and I am in the middle of The Magic of Encouragement by Stephanie Marston. This is an old book , but it has so many good ideas and exercises to do to make your home a haven and a strength to your children...last night I decided it was going to serve as our family night curriculum for a while. I also watched Food, Inc and it made me cry (for the farmers, not the animals). I typed up a draft of thoughts about it I will post when I get around to editing it.

So I will get back to you after my hospital business today. Thanks for your concern. If anybody wants to play with my kids or take them to the playground, this is always welcome since I have been a terribly boring mama and I am still unsteady on my feet.

Here is some Malcolm...I hope he delights you as much as he delights me. I wish he was my neighbor.

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Laura said...

Love you James...Prayers are flying your way.


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