Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I kind of hate February

It's prolly because I'm all hormonal, but I can't get THESE photos out of my head. Something about them--I can feel the sunshine, I can smell the desert blooming, and then I feel so homesick, I could cry.

I love my home and surroundings here in MT. I wouldn't move for a million bucks. But I would take a million bucks and put it in the bank so I could spend every future February of my life in the sun. I am feeling almost better, but I have a lingering cough and the girly flu, I can't get warm, and I just want to stay in bed. I went to do my 3.3-miles-in-60 minutes again after nearly 2 months and I felt sad and disappointed in myself when I could only do 2 miles in 33 minutes...I went faster than usual because I just wanted to go back to bed. After soem Classical Stretch and some lunch and some laundry (while watching "Whatever It Takes"), I DID go back to bed--I took an hour-and-a-half nap with James (who is still coughing, too--we are quite the pair).

So I guess I am just gonna give up on gettin' my mojo today and give up til tomorrow. I will daydream of AZ sun and make hubs make me laugh. And I'll start over, better, tomorrow!
PS: It was even sunny and near 40 degrees today...it's not really "the weather..."


Laura said...

I am so sorry that you are still feeling crappy. I love you....HAHAHAHA my word verification is dedly...Just don't add the A.

Taralyn said...

EVERY EVERY EVERY TIME I listen to Natalie I soooo think of you!!! Something about the way she sings... I have the VERY BERRY best memories with you in them!!! I sure hope you feel better soon - I get the February Blues every year!!! I don't like it much either!!! Love Ya

Stephanie :) said...

I have at least two comments:
1-I, like Taralyn, think of you whenever I hear or think of 10,000 Maniacs or Natalie Merchant. I still remember when you were among 7 or so people at their concert in Tucson.
B-Don't feel too bad about not being in Arizona lately. We've had some weird, rainy, gray days that are so uncharacteristic of the desert. It doesn't even smell the same after the rain, since it's cold (for us!).
III-Feel better soon! I think we are getting old because our ailments are keeping us from doing what we want. Boo for ailments! Yea for bodies so that we can learn and grow and progress, but boo for ailments!


Anonymous said...

I say next Feb. lets hop on a plane and go to AZ together. I'M ALL FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya sisterfriend!!!!!!!!!!(you can come to our etiquette dinner tonight if you want. we decorated the gym just like we did for Addie's baptism)

Anonymous said...

Ooops - I forgot to sign my comment. It's from me - debbie

Jamie said...

Steph, you must know this song is extra special because after the concert, Natalie came out and got me and took me to the bus to show the video for this song because they had just finished it (it was directed by Adrian Edmonson aka Vyvian on the Young Ones). Natalie was super nervous because they had one more show in Az, then they had to go be on SNL the next weekend. She promised to wear the little saint-somebody necklace she bought on 4th Avenue that day on SNL and she totally did! We were all so excited! I remember Dennis and Robert in the band being so nice to us. It was a really good time...I can't believe that happened to me.

Jenn said...

Road trip??? Sounds good to me...I need me some AZ/CA sunshine too!
And as for Natalie Merchant...one of my all time favs!!
And i would love to walk with you when I'm not working!

Suebug said...

Growing up in Tucson I never understood this song too much, because it was so obvious where on earth the sun was hid away, it was in AZ, duh! I always dreamed of cloudy days and rain myself....but I did love the maniacs and this song and really the whole album stands the test of time. Hey jack kerouac!

xoxo susan


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