Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Random

So yesterday we talked about weather in preschool and I had the kids dress up in different clothes for different weather and I took pix of them for a little weather book we will make on Friday. I went to upload the photos today and found about 15 minutes of ridiculousness videotaped by our kids. I kept one of the clips, just because it's funny to see what they want to record, but they always forget the camera is on and they spin around and run with the camera and it is painful! I also found these gems of us just hanging out being couch potatoes this weekend, taken by Heidi. I am posting them so you can see my glasses and my anniversary rug: one downstairs couch & the new rug
Silly James
Mommy/Jabba and Addie watching a movie downstairs.

James, Lydia. and Ashley--
this pic was taken Wednesday during preschool--it's a sneak-peek of the weather book. the kids are demonstrating what we wear when it's sunny and hot: sun glasses, hats, sunscreen, and we take water to drink! James looks like Samuel L. Jackson.
I'm still in my February Funk, but it's almost over, right? I may sneak in a little road trip to break up the stifling lameness...we'll see. Today I am doing 3 miles if it kills me and I am finishing my basement organization project, cuz we start sanding and refinishing furniture this weekend and move the new craft locker into the basement. When you hear angels shouting the hallelujah chorus, you'll know it's finished.

PS: I super-loved THIS POST from kelly today. The February funk, it's epidemic...but K puts it in perspective.

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