Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Happy, Happy Birthday, Heidi-Dear...

...Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had one wish, then it would be
A happy, happy birthday to you from me!"

Baby Heidi, April 17, 2004

Heidi, 19 months old, having a sink bath

Today is the day she's been asking about for 5 months (since Addie's big bash)...Heidi's 6th birthday! I still don't quite have my mommy mojo back, but I'm fakin' it til I'm makin' it. So this morning, it was a birthday breakfast ("I want six pieces of bacon cuz I'm six!") and opening a fun card from cousins...

The happy birthday princess eating her breakfast, wearing her "Birthday Girl" Tshirt
(click for details)

Look at my gorgeous six-year-old (chompin' on bacon ;))

Saturday, she is having a "Jungle coloring party with elephants and flamingos" (I think this was inspired by her visit to the zoo last week, because until then, she had been asking for a Monsters vs. Aliens party with a Blob cake...yikes)

This is her party invite,
whipped up Tuesday morning after getting home from AZ at midnight!

As for me, I wrote this this morning to my sisterfriend:

I am still in a fuzzy funk..I feel better (body & spirit-wise), but I just don't quite have it together yet, know what I mean?...

Holy cow, I am really thankful for you! Your soup was "just the thing"--I've eaten it for 2 days and never get tired of it--YUMMY! The Elders are super lucky to eat dinner with you tonight! Having you three sisterfriends over, even for just a few minutes the other night was one of the most healing, loving, special times of my life. I know you think it was just dinner, but just like our lunch for your birthday, being with you guys after a hard trip home is soooo good for me. Even Rich said, "Man, you are so lucky to have them! They are such good friends!" And I agree wholeheartedly. I hope I can be here for you the same way.
I agree it has been a crazy week. I spent all morning til 1pm catching up on PTO stuff--I am 6 days late on the yearbook deadlines, so I was making yearbook pages til my fingers bled yesterday and it just sucked the life outta me! But I got to snuggle my Lynners to sleep last night and we got up and made her a yummy bday breakfast which included her requests: Papa Bill's oranges (check) and "six pieces of bacon cuz I am six!" (check--hope she doesn't have a tummy ache). I sent pinkalicious rice krispy treats and capri suns to school today, and baked the party cupcakes yesterday, so now I just need to wrap some gifts and focus on the party. FUN WEEKEND!

Oh, life is soooo good. I hope I am not wearing you out with my neediness! :) Thanks for thinking of me and taking time to send a note this morning. I'm gonna finish up some PTO stuff and go play with James...HUGS, dear amiga!!!

...and I'm still daydreaming of this:

(although today is a gorgeous day in Montana...I'm not complainin'!)


Jenn said...

Glad that your Mom got home safe....And if ya need any help with anything just let me know!!

Crumpy said...

I'm laughing because Audrey's birthday is today too and she's been asking every day, "Is it my birthday yet?" since 2010 began...Happy Birthday to Heidi! What a great day for a birthday!

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

I notice Heidi is wearing the "sherbet" outfit in the first photo! Oh, how I miss Belle wearing that! Happy Birthday! Doesn't quite count on time since it's officially 12:05AM! I miss you girl!

Jamie said...

Jill, I knew you would notice that outfit! Heidi had the cutest wardrobe thanks to you and Belle. Newborn Belle was the cutest, tiniest baby! Plus she was extra special cuz I got to watch her be born...good times! I just told Heidi you said happy birthday, and she said, "HUGS!" Jackie is next!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing that letter to me!! It's very humbling to receive a letter like that. Especially since I don't always feel like I'm doing much to be a good friend.

Love you!! Debbie


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