Thursday, June 10, 2010

End-of-School Cousin Celebration

The girls got out of school at 11:45am on June 4th, so we headed over to Helena to celebrate with our Postum & Lehman Cousins (who still had 3 days of school). We got to go with Aunt Amie to pick up Jake and we played on the playground for a while. Then we went back to Post's house and played some more while Aunt Amie made us a yummy chicken taco dinner (for which the Lehmans joined us). It was such a nice visit--thanks for the luvs, Amie & Laura!Best Buddies James and Sammy
I couldn't get Sammy to look at the camera!

More Cousin Pals: Jake and Heidi, our big six-year-old kindergarten grads! (Heidi is wearing Addie's shoes--silly!)

Heidi blowing bubbles in front of Aunt Amie's pretty tulips

Sadly, this is my only shot of Amie :( She has the cutest little baby bump and is almost half-way thru her pregnancy with my new niece (I hope it's a girl, anyway!)

Cousin Dogpile!

Silly kids!
Uncle MAtt was working the whole time we were in Helena, but he stopped by in his cruiser just as we were getting ready to leave. The kids were soooo excited to check out his car and uniform!

James with Uncle Matt aka Officer Babyface of the Helena PD

James with Uncle Matt again...he's pretty proud to have an Uncle Policeman (so was I!)
That was a short-but-sweet trip to kick off our summer festivities. Thanks again, for having us, Postums!

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Aimless said...

man my house looks great.... know anyone who wants to buy it? Thanks for coming up, it was fun to see you guys for the 30 secs. Hope all is well.



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