Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Only Two Pictures

These are the only two pictures I have taken of my trip so far, and these are about 3 minutes from my house in Montana: I-90 West on Sunday afternoon about 3 miles from Livingston
(facing Bozeman--one of my favorite vistas ever, anywhere)
Addie took this one out her window a few seconds later.

So I am leaving Utah in a few minutes and I didn't take any pictures of all the fun I have had with my mom and sis and kids and friends. We arrived at bedtime on Sunday, woke up on Monday and met Aunt Jill and the cousins at IKEA, hung out with them most of the day while we helped Nana make dinner for her friends Tina and Chuck visiting from Tucson. Jill had to work Monday night , so she left, but I stayed & had a nice dinner/visit with Tina and Chuck.

Addie slept over with Cousin Ally Monday night, and I picked her up Tuesday morning and let Heidi and Jack play for a while. Then I met up with my mom and the cute little party store in Lehi and then went swimming at the Legacy Center with the kids. Papa Post saw my facebook post about going there, so he stopped by and found us (miraculously) right by the entrance. That was so fun. Swimming really tired out the kids so they crashed hard that night and I watched "The Young Victoria" (which was so, so good! I absolutely LOVED it! The music and the costumes and the story! Victoria and Albert have such a sweet story. Did anyone else see it and want a sequel? I want to see "The Aged Victoria" soon. Excellent!).

Wednesday I got up and cleaned up my car, got gas, etc. and waited for Tina and Cousin Robin to come over to mom's for a girls' date. We went to Nook and Cranny "stuff" store, to IKEA to get lunch and curtains, and because we ran out of time and were all in the same car, we all got to go to Nana's Rheumatology appointment in Provo from 2-5pm, too! I sat/ walked around outside and played with Heidi and James and visited with Robin. We took the kids across the street from the doctor's office to Will's Pit Stop for drinks and a treat (Robin bought them gummi candies and they were thrilled). It was so fun to visit with Robin and catch up on all her kids and nieces and nephews.

I had a lot of packing to do so I was frustrated being stuck in Provo, but it all worked out nicely. I was able to get home, get packed, drop Heidi off at Petersens' to sleep over with Cousin Jack, and have a little pre-trip meeting with Ally & Belle and Drew. On the way back, I stopped and got car snacks and came back to mom's and slept soundly from 10:30pm-5:48am, and here I am--ready to take off! Daddy, we can't wait to see you!

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