Saturday, September 25, 2010


I spent my birthday morning catching up on laundry (which I was happy to do)--I had about 4 loads to fold or hang up and I got that done by 9am, did a little yoga, then hopped in the shower. I enjoyed all the facebook messages and phone calls--THANKS!

After my shower, James and I went on a date to Western Drug's soda fountain. He got a circus sundae, I got a vanilla coke. He played trains (they have a play area), I window shopped.

James and his treat

all gone!

The seats at the soda fountain are saddles--giddyup!

After the soda fountain, we came home to get my stuff ready to go to Billings and got phone calls about my mama going to the hospital (dang). I had a wonderful lunch with my dear friend Debbie at her house, then we headed out for the temple.

The first part of our temple visit was totally mortifying to me. First, I wanted to rent a temple dress but forgot to bring a dollar cash. They said people do that all the time and it's no big deal, but still--how lame. Then during the sesssion (in which we served as witnesses), when I opened my freshly -laundered temple bag, little pieces of lint flew EVERYWHERE--I had washed a Kleenex in my bag and hadn't noticed. I just about died of embarrassment. I wished for a dustbuster! But then we went into the celestial room right at sunset--west end of the room is all stained glass windows, so you can imagine the stunning illumination. It reminded us of our morning in Paris exactly 2 years and 2 days ago, when we were the first people to enter Notre Dame just as the sun was rising and we saw it pour through those stunning rose windows. Such a good memory!

Billings Temple Birthday from MelinFamily on Vimeo.

After the sesh, we had a WONDERFUL dinner at Johnny Carino's and stopped by World Market to get some european chocolate. Because my birthday is also the day we discovered Tunnock's Caramel wafers in Edinburgh, Scotland. THAT birthday ROCKED.

But so did this one. The cherry-on-top was when TLC's "No Scrubs" came on the radio and I got to pump it up and do my award-winning karaoke (my love for TLC knows no bounds, may Left-Eye rest in peace). So now I'm 39 (but I wish I were 40, cuz I've felt 40 for about 30 years). Woo-hoo.


Taralyn said...

The Photo of you and your husband in front of the temple is BEAUTIFUL.. You look Fantastic!!! Sounds like you had a Wonderful Birthday, even with the few glitches that got tossed your way.. <3

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! Glad the turned out to be good! I owe ya lunch!!

chrissy said...

happy late birthday, it looks like you had an amazing day!


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