Saturday, September 25, 2010

Makin' It Strong Where You Belong

I've been thinking about my brothers and sisters a lot this week. I found an old mix CD and put it on while driving James to the soda fountain yesterday and I guess my emotions were too close to the surface because this old song just made me sob. Remember how it was our anthem? (Willy, Laura, and Lisa might remember anyway). It definitely stands the test of time. I love each of you so much. I am thankful that we've had eachother to face (and sometimes create) life's challenges with.

Livin' on free food tickets
Water in the milk from the hole in the roof
Where the rain came through
What can you do?
Tears from your little sister
Cryin' 'cause she doesn't have a dress without a patch
For the party to go
But she'll know she'll get by—‘cause she’s

Livin' in the love of the common people
Smiles from the heart of the family man
Daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to
Mama's gonna love you just as much as she can, as she can

It's a good thing you don't have a bus fare
It would fall through the hole in your pocket
And you'd lose it in the snow on the ground
Gonna walk into town to find a job
Trying to keep your hands warm
When the hole in your shoe lets the snow come through
And chills you to the bone
So now you better go home where it's warm

Livin’on a dream ain't easy
But the closer the knit
the tighter the fit
and the chills stay away
You take 'em in stride
With family pride
You know that faith is your foundation
With a whole lotta love and a warm conversation
But don't forget to pray
Making it strong where you belong [repeat chorus]
--by John Hurley


Laura said...

I love you so much James! You are my favorite big sister. I so remember this song!!!

Summer said...

You have had so many trials to get through and are such and inspiration to me! How I miss not having you in my life, I love those 80's songs. Love ya!

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