Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ranch, Easter, & Other Stuff

On Saturday at the ranch, Mike finished the tiling upstairs and started rocking the fireplace (which is now finished & beautiful). Have a gander... Upstairs spare bathroom tile
Great work, Mike!

Excuse my dusty is the basement family room from the stairs. It's going to look so cool with the cozy furniture and the entertainment system!

Goodbye, white brick, hello rocks!Out back, things are thawing out. The river is rising and the grass is starting to green...

...Spring has NOT QUITE sprung, but it's getting there!

Monday and yesterday (Tuesday 4/19), it snowed like crazy.

Today, Wednesday, the snow is almost all gone and the ground is all spongey.

My tulips keep growing thru the snow!

Today I went to pick up James from preschool and found this BUNNY BOY!
(he made the ears and his face is painted with a blue bunny nose & green whiskers)

He was excited about this duck from his teacher

(I like how you can see the Strupps' van in the background)

Last week for Activity Days, Addie made this egg

and James (& I) made this egg for a sample--so cute!


Lastly, our new stroller/baby carrier came in the mail yesterday. It's FABULOUS!

Now all we need is our baby brother to put in there!

I foresee lots of great family walks with our new wheels! YAY!


Strupp Family said...

That's so great. I love the tile work, first of all. And James looks so great. I also love how you can see my van :) And I LOVE, LOVE the new stroller/baby carrier.

I'm more excited for you to have a baby than you are! Well, maybe not. But I'm pretty excited. Also I'm excited it's you and not me. :)

The Melin Family said...

Wow Mikey! Nice job. Way to de-1980s the house!

Happy Easter everyone!


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