Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm In Love With His Nose

I had an ultrasound today to measure the baby and fluid and whatever else they needed to know. He--and it's definitely a "HE"-- is measuring 35 weeks + 5 days and looks like he's an ounce shy of six pounds. There didn't appear to be any cord-tangling and he is head down, with several pockets of fluid to keep him comfy and room to grow the next 3 weeks. So yay that, right? I get to start twice-weekly non-stress tests at the hospital tomorrow night, and I actually look forward to that. It's nice quiet time and I get reacquainted with the hospital and the nurses and I get to eat all the yummy hospital ice I want. It's the little things, people. :) I'm grateful to see the baby doing so well even when I am feeling DAWG TARD--it's motivation to hang in there for a few more weeks. The kids liked seeing him, too (he had his foot smashed against his forehead for most of the session--so funny).


Geo said...

That's one beautiful profile!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Auntie Gee! Can't wait to see it in person!! :)


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