Super Saturday

I've done A LOT of [fun] things today for someone on bedrest! First I got up early and made some yummy food for a brunch baby shower for my PTO friend, Christina Howell (who is having a baby boy on the 13th). Christina opening gifts with her kindergartner-daughter, Evie.

Christina's friend, Amber, came and did some mom-pampering, Mary Kay style.

We all went home with fabulously soft hands and lips!


We cleaned up and had a little lunch, then it was time for Heidi's Tae Kwon Do tournament at the high school.

Heidi getting ready with her group

Mouth Guard!

Heidi all suited-up to spar

James & Addie cheering Heidi on

Heidi (in red) sparring

Doesn't she look fierce? (and cute?)

Round House to the noggin!

They kinda look like they're dancing
Shaking hands & bowing out

Shaking hands with the opposing coach

Congratulations from Big Sis!

My three cutie pies

Heidi winning 3rd place in the yellow belts

(and she's still just a white belt! She cried because she "wanted to win, " so i had to point out that coming third in yellow belts was like getting a B+ on a second grade test when you're only a first grader--really great!)

Heidi with her trophy

YAY! We're so proud of our little TKD fighter!


Wonderful (sunny!) Day! How was yours?...

We're thinking of my brother Michael and new sister-in-law, Amber, who are getting married right about now down in Utah. We love you guys and can't wait to hear all about it! CONGRATS! XO


AuntieM said…
WOW!!! So proud of you Heidi. You look really tough. Love you.

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