Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Week So Far

On Monday cousin Danny came over to play and have a sleepover. I took a shower Monday afternoon, and when I came out, this is what the kids were doing--a nativity play with Niles as baby Jesus. Little kooks. James was a cow, Addie was Mary, Heidi was a lamb, and Danny was Joseph. Nice.
Niles/ Baby Jesus was not so thrilled.
Later that night he crashed out on my lap on his boppy cute!

Also on Monday night, we had the missionaries over for dinner. Elder Moya is from Houston and Elder Haymore is from Tucson. Yep, we grew up in the same ward and I know his whole family and my grandpa gave Elder Haymore his patriarchal blessing. Great connections!

Moya, Haymore, & Heidi hangin' after dinner...


My MIL, FIL, BIL Mike, and nephew Danny are flying down to Texas this weekend for Cousin Liana Melin's baptism, so Mom Melin wantd to celebrate Rich's 40th birthday before they left. We had a little Hawaiian dinner at their house last night, topped off with chocolate birthday cake.

Heidi helping Rich make a wish!

Niles snuggling with Aunt Angie


And finally, here is a little snapshot of today...the girls are at sports camp, I am editing Primary pictures & blogging...

Niles is swinging and sleeping...

...and James is having a PBJ with chocolate milk and playing Handy Manny on the computer in the office with me...

..."The sun is up, the sky is blue

It's beautiful & so are you

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?"

Yes, I think I will.

I gotta go get ready to take the kids swimming this afternoon--I hope it's warm enough :)

Have a great summer day yourself!




PS: Watched this movie this morning and I highly recommend it. I really liked it.

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