Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week in Photos, just for my Gram!

Last Sunday we stayed over at the ranch so the kids could spend some time with their busy Dad. Addie took these pictures of Niles while we were out there...When he's snarfing his hand, that means "I'm so hungry!"

On Monday (and most days) we went swimming a thte city pool in the afternoon. Buying a pass was the best idea this summer because the kids all swimso well and see lots of friends each day. I can read and watch the baby and take short dips myself adn it's really nice.
Our two bathing beauties

Addie getting on her raft

Heidi relaxing

James in the shallow end, pretending to be an Elasmosaurus

(that's a water dinosaur--think Loch Ness; he cracks me up)

James again


On Tuesday we went to the library's kick off of the summer reading program, "One World, Many Stories" in which the kids will be taking weekly "trips" reading stories form other countries. It was fun. Then we went to the dollar matinee show of Rango (which isn't really a kids' movie and wasn't as funny as I hoped it would be with Johnny Depp as the lead & all--oh, well. I loved the mariachis, though). After the movie we met Daddy for family swim time and had burgers at Mark's In & Out--and IDEAL summer day.

The kids swimming with Dad

Addie's leg--she's practicing her hand stands


The girls usually have piano on Tuesday afternoon, but this week it was bumped to Wednesday morning. Heidi & Addie at Carrie Kling's house, ready for lessons

Last Thursday, Rich's Aunt & cousin came to visit from Colorado. When we walked them out to say goodbye, this is what we saw!

That's Aunt Carol & Cindy with me & Niles on the porch, under the rainbow.

Niles was telling me a little story out on the porch. It's so cute the way he's trying interact and communicate these days!

Just hangin' out with mom enjoying the rain from the porch.


(and thanks Aunt Amie for the cute outfit)

Our crazy kids ran through the gutters in their jammies

Down the street...

...and back home again, looking like little duckies.

The first ten days of summer have been fabulous. We are so glad that AZ finally got some rain! We are excited to have all our Melin cousins together this week, excited for the Independence Day festivities, and for Niles' baby blessing & celebration on Sunday. We wish all our loved ones a fun holiday, too.


Don't forget to check out the RANCH BLOG again, too. We're almost officially done (just finishing up the deck & log work and we're ready for guests).


Aim said...

James! DId you know that the Elasmosaurus is my most favorite dinosaur!? Just ask the boys! Thats what I always say when they ask.

Niles looks so cute in his outfit! I need to go back and get some Festive 4th of July clothes for Emily. We are SOOO looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday! Can't wait for the parade and blessing sweet baby Niles!
See you soon!

love you!


ps- your house is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

That last picture of Niles looks just like Rich and his dad! I love it!

Anonymous said...

he is a dollbaby! so when are you going to have another one??




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