Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life According to my iPad

I finally found an app to transfer iPad photos to my home computer, so here are a few gems from the 'pad (minus the zillion photo booth self portraits the kids have taken ;))

Melin KIds at the rest stop in Sheridan, Wyoming on Spring Break 2012 trip to Rapid City/ Mt Rushmore

Addie & Niles in my bed on Mother's Day

Mother's Day morning in the family bed

Heidi self-portrait

Niles in his stroller outside the office on June 30th during our lemonade stand

Heidi selling lemonade on June 30th

James manning the lemonade stand on June 30th...the kids made $26 in 3 hours...not as great as our last sale where they made $40 in about 75 minutes, but good for spending/ pool snack money.

Addie's photobooth pic form December

James- photobooth-December

Aunt Abby & Heidi- photobooth-January

I think this is Heidi's eye- photobooth

Mommy & Niles, April

Nephew Jared Lehman- photobooth- January

Mommy & Niles, April

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