Friday, July 13, 2012

The Second Week of July

Saturday after cleaning up from camping (I left the 8th load of laundry in the washer), Rich took me to Ted's Montana Grill in Bozeman on a date. We had Bison Chili Nachos and BBQ Chicken Salad and it was all delicious! The whole building that houses the restaurant (the Baxter Hotel) is gorgeous. Two thumbs up, but Rib & Chop House is still way better.

On Monday we welcomed our friends from North Carolina, the Smiths, for an over night visit on their cross-country road trip. Jessica and I had a great visit into the wee hours of the morning, then we got up and went to Yellowstone Park.

We stopped for lunch at Gibbon Creek...Niles loves grapes!

Hannie ate her sandwich then ran to play in the sand with James

Rich & James eating sandwiches

Baby Bridger, Hila & Heidi eating lunch in Yellowstone

James, Hila, Hannah, & Gabe in the creek.

James & Gabe

Jess taking pictures

Sweet Hannie doing some SERIOUS wading

Me, Jessica & our boys in the creek

Jessica, Bridger, Addie, Niles

Bridger, Jess, & me

Hila, Asher, Jess & Bridger at Old Faithful

Thar she blows!

Addie, Asher, Hila, Heidi, Gabe, James, Hannah, Niles, Jamie, Jessica, Bridger at Old Faithful

Niles, Heidi, Hila walking away from Old faithful

Two Peas in a Pod: James & Hannie at Old Faithful Lodge

Way too much cuteness

Jessica, Bridger, Jamie saying goodbye at the lodge

The whole gang with ice cream...thanks for coming Smiths! We love you! Happy Trails!
After Yellowstone, we hurried home for Danny's & Mike's birthday party, (which got moved to Grandma's because we were late getting back, which was regrettable because it was 199 degrees in Grandma's house with nary a fan or a breeze or ANYTHING). Angie made this fun ice cream cake for the party. We had a pasta bar, cousin play, then gifts and cake, then headed home. Seems like Dan  & Mike had a good time and felt loved, which is kind of the point, right? ;)
Delicious ice cream cake with all kinds of fudgy goodness hidden inside

On the way home Tuesday night we saw smoke north of town. We drove up to highground and saw this over the hill toward 89/ Clyde Park. SUPER SCARY! It spread fast, but was contained quickly. PHEW!

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Aim said...

Hey! I just FINALLY figured out how to post pictures to my blog again and was in the middle of major catch up when my sidebar caught my eye with your latest blog updates. I then remembered your latest text and how I completely spaced responding. So, sorry I'm doing it here and not texting you back but, I actually have no idea where my phone is at the moment and I don't want to forget to tell you that we would LOVE to have you guys come visit anytime you can! We have a lot going on these next couple weeks so it might be a little hit and miss but just call and make sure we are gonna be home first. We are probably gonna be laying grass the first week of August which might influence your decision to wait so you can experience our house in all it's sod and glory! haha! Love ya!
ps- James has blonde hair....when did that happen?!
pss- you look fantastic! ;)


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