Sunday, July 19, 2015

Independence Day Celebrations

PARADE July 2nd
This year was the first year in over a decade that we didn't have any Melin cousins with us for the Roundup Parade on July 2nd. Rich was leading a scout fundraiser, so it was just me and the kids. Then the Jones/ Browns sat by us and Aunt Laura and Jared made a surprise visit from Helena and we weren't  lonely anymore! :)

James and some Jones/Brown kids watching a tractor in the parade.

Rex, Elanor, James, and some Brown cousins watching the parade, with me and Mama Jones in the background.

Clara and Addie muggin'

My sisterfriend Robyn

Niles, Heidi, and James

It was super hot outside, we drank 4 liters of water!

and no breeze...where was that Livingston wind when we needed it?!

Ammon had fun watching, mostly from his stroller

He ate lots of crushed ice and apple sticks to keep cool

We had fun with Auntie Roo!

My brother Matthew and his kids came to visit from Helena Friday night and Saturday night (7/3-4). We had such a fun time together, it's always nice when cousins come!
At noon, Rich and Ammon took a nap, before the festivities even began!

We got out to the ranch around 1ish and set up sprinklers for the little kids.

Ammy loved it!

He was so fun to watch!

James and Cousin Emily playing in the water.

Heidi, Cousin Jake, and Jeanette Jones floated in the river from the beach to the pavilion over and over again.

Jeanette, Heidi, and Jake
FLASHBACK to 2004:
 Jake, Heidi, and Addie chillin' at the ranch after Chico.

My brother Sam and his family arrived around 3pm from camping in Pocatello with Dad Layton.
Kristen, Sam, and Matthew chatting under the pavilion while the food grilled.

It was another super hot day, so the grown ups enjoyed the shade while the kids played in the water and the treehouse.
(Robyn Jones, Rich, and Lope Jones)

Cousin Sam swinging under the treehouse

Cousin Gavin swinging under the tree house

Pretty girls relaxing on a pretty day
Clara, Eden, and Beatrice Jones with Addie near the tree house

Rex Jones having a ranch adventure

Old School selfies with my man.

Heidi carrying Jeanette to her shoes after another ride down the river.

We went home and took naps and ate leftovers and got the kids in their jammies, then we went over to the high school football field to watch the last night of roundup fireworks. A few other ward families were there and it was such a beautiful night! Next time we will go earlier and let the kids play glow in the dark Frisbee and glow sticks...but it was so fun to have Sam's and Matt's families with us. Loved every minute with them, and we love our country so much.

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