Sunday, July 19, 2015

Layton Fun 7/4-7/8

My brother Sam and his family came to visit from Utah in Saturday July 4- Wednesday July 8th. We had the best time together and I wished they could stay forever!!
You saw the pictures of our July 4th festivities--that was a hot day! Sam was complaining because he came up to Montana to cool off, not to hang out in blazing 99-degree heat. Well, he got his wish on Sunday the 5th because a rain storm and cold front blew in and we actually needed sweaters (it was like 58 degrees)! It was a perfect day to go to church, then stay inside and read and snuggle and visit and nap and eat quesadillas and indoor s'mores with your cousins!
Niles, Heidi, Addie, Kristen, Sam, James, Owen, and Gavin making s'mores at the dinner table.
(I was on the phone with my sister Jill--also a huge treat :))
On Monday the 6th we took our cousins to visit Museum of the Rockies.
Here we are at the chocolate exhibit again. Owen was just as disappointed as we were the first time that the exhibit didn't include ACTUAL, EDIBLE CHOCOLATE. It's a huge bummer, even though the exhibit is cool.

Owen and the other little boys had fun dressing up in The Yellowstone Discovery Room. Here he is being a park ranger, heading out to check for fishing licenses and nuisance bears ;)

While I was looking up where to go to lunch on my phone, Ammon stood up on a chair in the kids' play cabin and fell over and knocked his noggin on the stone fireplace. It was gnarly, but we survived.

Monday Night for Family Night, we ate grilled teriyaki chicken and Asian slaw for dinner, then we went to family swim for an hour. Kristen and I sat on the side and watched Sam and Rich play with the kids.
Addie, Heidi, James, Owen, Rich and Sam are in this shot, I think.

?, Heidi, Owen, Addie, Sam and Rich

After swimming, we went to Pickle Barrel and got some delicious Wilcoxson's ice cream. Addie gave the FHE lesson, a story from the friend about choosing how you will act and react in a situation, no matter what others choose to do. Uncle Sam fell in love with Graham Slam ice cream. I think it's the best thing ever, too, although that Salted Carmel Fudge stuff is running a close second.

On Tuesday July 7th we hiked Pine Creek. The kids did such a great job. Kristen and I were a little worn out, but we cheered on Niles and Gavin and they did the whole two miles! Sam was awesome and carried Ammon most of the way in the back pack since my hip (the one I fell on) can barely carry me on the sharp inclines. We also took Layton's dog Seamus and he seemed to enjoy it. Everyone was so relieved to get to the falls, we all waded for a while and cooled off and it was beautiful.

Gogurts are go-juice! Gavin, Owen, James, Niles, Ammon, and Addie all enjoyed some refreshment after wading in the creek. We got re-energized for our trip back down to the car.

Cute Layton family
(I love how Seamus looks like he's snuggling Sam's leg in this photo)


James pretending to have an Indiana Jones adventure along the creek bank.

We were all so exhausted after the hike, we came home to rest for an hour or two, then the parents went on a double date while Addie, Heidi, and Eden Jones babysat the kids. We had such a nice visit over dinner and the food at Rib & Chop House was great. For dessert, we bought more Wilcoxsons Ice Cream at the grocery store and came home and had cones with the kids. It was the perfect ending to a really nice visit. It was really fun staying up late with Sammy after we got everyone else to sleep. He even watched the first two episodes of "Poldark" with us on PBS--THAT makes him the best brother ever.
On Wednesday 7/8, the Laytons headed home early in the morning--they went to Yellowstone on their way, so they didn't get home to after midnight, but it was a beautiful day. We had a lazy day at home, doing laundry, reading, playing in the sprinklers and on the trampoline, and missing our cousins.

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