Sunday, August 02, 2015

The End of July

Monday 7/27 we went to Bozeman for blood work (me) and Costco/thrift shopping. Robyn watched Ammon for me and I just took Niles and James. We had a good time, and a yummy quiche dinner and UNO tournament for family night. We still had swimming lessons in the morning and James and Niles were pretty tired every afternoon.
Monday and Tuesday it got kinda cold...during swim lessons Tuesday morning 7/28, it was like 55 degrees! Cousin Summer came over and hung out for the afternoon. Tuesday evening we had breakfast for dinner with the missionaries and headed over to the church. James had pack meeting and later, the girls and I attended Jordyn Yarborough's bridal shower. On the way to the shower we passed these deer. I see them often, they must live in our neighborhood.

Heidi took this picture of her crepe at Jordyn's party...the refreshments were a crepe bar

Heidi, Jordyn, and Addie

Wednesday night was a shooting activity at the gun range for the youth. The girls got hold of Rich's camera and ha a selfie fest. Here are Jeanette and Addie and the sun.

Kaitlyn, Jeanette, Addie, and Clara

The dudes figuring stuff out.

Rich is in the middle there taking a shot.

Clara and Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn, Addie and Clara photobombed by Jeanette

Kaitlyn, Izzi, Jeanette, and Clara

Thursday 7/30 we went to the fair after a long afternoon at the pool. Everyone got to choose one treat or ride. Niles chose a pass to the inflatables. Heidi and James chose Tropical Snow.

Mommy and Ammon had their first (and possibly last) funnel cake.

Friday was the last day of swimming lessons

Hooray for our little fishies! On to Levels 1 & 4!

Saturday 8/1 we did chores in the morning and floated the river in the afternoon with our Jelli cousins and Grandma. The water is low and the kids had a blast hopping from tube to tube or body floating. Even Ammon came along and ended up napping on Grandma in her tube. We got out at the pavilion and grilled some burgers and dogs.

Cousin Lexi is the best babysitter! Here she is with Ammon, and Simon and Niles.

Another fun, busy week! We are already into August and the calendar is full, right up until school starts. Shortest summer ever!

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