Sunday, August 02, 2015

While Daddy Was At Scout Camp

Ammon loves the window

James and Niles have swimming lessons at 9:45 every morning. Ammon is jealous and cries the whole hour. We tried splash park after swimming lessons but Ammon was a little bit too tired by then to enjoy it. He was mostly mad at the water for bothering him.

Niles' swim class

James' swim class

Tuesday 7/21 the Jones family met us at the splash park and we had lots of fun. After spashing the kids played on the playground and then climbed the tree and used the picnic blanket to make a fort out of the picnic table. Later the blanket became a Chinese Dragon.

Elanor and James in the tree

Ammon needs a nap

Tuesday night we had chicken gyros for dinner and they were great!

Wednesday 7/22 was stormy. We had inside playdates with the Jones kids and James' friend, Journey. Here are the girls outside with the umbrellas after playing dress up (they love to swap clothes and make outfits).

Addie and Jeanette

Clara, Jeanette, and Addie


close up!

Wednesday night after the storm, we took cupcakes to Grandpa at the ranch for his birthday. Later I took James to scouts and saw this pretty view as I drove home.

How the porch looked at sunset on Wednesday 7/22

Thursday we went back out to the ranch to visit Rich's Uncle Pat and his daughter and granddaughters. Here are all the kids after lunch.

Silly faces! Addie, Ammon, Niles, Heidi, Illi, Kai, and James

The valley on our way home from the ranch Thursday...I LOVE ALL THE RAIN! Seriously, I kind of hate summer, so it has been so nice to have all this rain so I can pretend it's fall.

On Friday 7/24 after a busy day, we headed up to Pine Creek for a Pioneer Day picnic with our ward. Here is a typical photo of the van.

Rex and Niles up at Pine Creek

The big kids stayed up at Pine Creek to camp while I took Niles and Ammon home. The road was blocked by a herd of cows, but Niles got up and moo'ed them out of our way. We went to bed and had such a nice sleep...nobody woke up and we were able to make a healthy breakfast, weed the garden, finish the laundry, and straighten up the whole house before Daddy and the big kids arrived home. It was fabulous!

After unpacking and a Saturday nap, Daddy spoiled up with dinner at Five Guys. It was a great relief to have him home and to not have to cook or clean up dinner. I had been feeling sick for a day or two (sinus infection), so it was a welcome break in so many ways. Here are my sillies, Heidi, Dad, and Addie waiting for their burgers.

Niles eating Cajun fries

James loves his Five Guys Hot Dog

Addie made a delicious chocolate cake for Daddy's homecoming.

We ate it on Sunday and it was tasty!

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