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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Real Quick

Jill is here with her four kids--spur-of-the-moment fun surprise for Mothers Day! YAY! So I am going to be brief and share some pix from our Sunday walk: Going up the hill on Summit street with our house inthe background. Addie is pushing the kids in the bike trailer and I am talking to mom on the cell phone.
This is our town from the hill by our house. You can see I-90, The Melin Agency, and Dairy Queen (owned by a family in our ward) from this angle.
This is looking south of town toward Paradise pretty.
And to cheer up your hump day, here's my sweet, smiley boy!

Have a Happy Wednesday! We're off to have some Cousin Fun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday Dinner at Willy's

Sam & Kristen came up from Phoenix on Saturday, so we all got together at Willy's and invited Cousin Brent, and ate good food and enjoyed our awesome familiness! Sam with James, Kristen with Maeby...this caption shoudl say, "get your own baby!" :)
Brent with Liam, less than 48 hours after their Guys Night Out at the Blaze game
James loved Maeby's toys...look how excited he is!
Addie, Isabelle, and Spencer in The Box house
Grill Master Will
Heidi grinning with Belle and Brent behind her
Heidi and Jack open their fun gifts from Petersens

(Heidi was 3 on 4/15, Jack will be 3 on April 26)

Melanie and Ally played princess checkers

I LOVE MY FAMILY! They simply ROCK. And maybe it's just me, but man, we've got some seriously ADORABLE kids! I am so glad we're related and so glad we got together this weekend. You're all super cool--those in attendance and those far away (we missed you).

Spring Sabbath

On Sunday, we walked to church just 2 blocks form Jill's house. It was so beautiful outside!Michaela Claar (Jenn's daughter), Ally, Addie, Isabelle, and Heidi under a beautiful tree
Ally, Michaela, Heidi, Jack, Addie, Isabelle, and me walking to church (Jenn drove the van with James inside, and Rich took the picture). I love spring in Utah...maybe because that's the first place I ever experienced spring...I dont' know, but it's always magical to me, every year. (I love it in Montana, too!)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Best Wishes

This is my Cousin Bill circa 1988.
Isn't he soooo cute?!

This is Cousin Bill last year with

the love of his life, Cortney.
Today they are getting married and

I wish I was there.

Congratulations, Bill & Cort!

Happily Ever After...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Three is a Magic Number

A Very Happy Birthday to my Handsome Nephews... Jacob on March 1st
and Spencer on March 2nd...
A Birthday Song for YOU:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On This Date in History...

...just last year, "Little Sam" Post was born to my brother Matt & his wife, Amie. Happy First Birthday, Sammy!
(that's Sam with his Daddy on leave last month--1/19/07)
The coolest thing about Sam's birthday is that he shares it with his Grandpa...
Papa Post!

(that's Grandpa with Heidi in 2004)

Feliz Cumpleanos, Dad!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Unco Hamma and Aunt Dizzen

This is Sam's & Kristen's Home in north Phoenix. It's really quite lovely, and that's where I stayed on Friday & Saturday nights.
This is my brother Willy with his family and my brother Sam on the far left. Sam is holding Spencer, Willy's 3rd child. Spencer used to be a grumpy mama's boy, but he has come out of his shell and his personality is HILARIOUS. He has a funny speech pattern where he pauses between each. and. every.word, and drops or substitutes initial consonants or consonant blends. He also adds a subtle "uh" to the end of certain words. For instance, he calls his baby sister "Maebyuh," he said "I. love. you. too-uh!" when I left, and he calls Uncle Sam "Unco Hamma" and Aunt Kristen "Aunt Dizzen." It's so adorable! On Sunday as we were getting ready to leave, Kristen said to Sam, "Let's get out the video camera! We're never gonna see him like this again. He won't talk like that next time we see him." So they filmed him being so cute and funny.
Here's Sam teasing Liam at a Phoenix fountain. Poor Liam.
I spent a mellow Saturday with Sam& Kristen and the Posties. I will publicly chastise Lisa for not coming and hanging out with us...Lisa, FOR SHAME! What could possibly be FUNNER (yes, I know that's not a word) that hanging out with your far-flung siblings, huh? Anyway, Saturday began with a delicious breakfast cooked by our hosts, then we hung out looking at pix and videos while mom got up and got packed. Then Will & Sam took mom to the airport while we ladies stopped for beverages and took the kids over to a playground and visited. It was nice to be with my sisters-in-law. They are good women and my brothers SCORED. I
t was so fun to play with my niece and nephew and not have to worry about what my own kids were doing--sometimes I really miss being fun single auntie. Liam (who also has some speech issues, which make everything he says sound SOOO cute) tried to convince to me to come ward off the bees so he could pick flowers; Spencer wanted to slide with me, but got side tracked by laying face down on the top level of the play place, looking down through the grate at his siblings below. He was so still and focused, I thought he was asleep there! The boys sent mom back to SLC on the plan and came back to join us at the playground. We went back to the house to freshen up at about 3pm, then headed over to In-N-Out Burger for lunch-dinner, then Old Navy so I could get some spring clothes and we could all shop some clearance sales. We headed back home and the boys went to the store and got us some ice cream. We put the kids to bed and watched "Waking Ned Devine" (one of mine and Sam's favorite movies ever), and ate ice cream and Dr. Pepper in memory of Grandma Muriel. We know she was with us in spirit, enjoying the treats and laughing at the crazy Irish folk on the movie.
The next morning we enjoyed some delicious french toast and we all got ready for our trips home. Will & Audrey loaded up their van and headed off to SLC; Sam & Kristen had to miss their Stake Conference to take me to the airport at 10:30am, but they caught an 11am Sacrament Meeting with Kristen's sister in Chandler. Things went smoothly for me on the way back home, and Rich met right at the curb in SLC. I hopped in and we headed straight up I-15 for home by 3pm. We got home safely by 11pm, dodging lots of blizzards and sleet, and slept soundly in our comfy house.
It's Tuesday night and I am still in my "post-trip funk." I am almost unpacked. I am tired and a bit unmotivated. My spring cleaning seems insurmountable. Did I tell you that our guest room still looks like Christmas threw up in there? I took down all the decorations and piled them up in there, and then piled up all the after Christmas sale stuff in there, too, with stuff for the gift closet, too. It's BAD. If anybody gets a wild hair and feels like cleaning and organizing, feel free to come and share you enthusiasm. Mine is at an all-time low, and I don't' know why, because I know that I will feel SOOOO good when it is all done. UGH! Maybe I need some light therapy or something.
In closing, I would like to welcome two of my best, dearest, most-missed friends to the blogosphere. Tom & Adriane, thanks for keeping in touch!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

At Long Last

We finally (and thankfully) made it home to Montana. Miraculously, we had clear, dry roads the whole way both to and from Utah! But that doesn't mean it wasn't FREEZING! Last Saturday (right after I wrote my last entry) Heidi and James got really sick (James was throwing up, Heidi had a fever and barking cough). I was trying to spend some time with Matt before he left the next day, but I kept having to cleanup barf! So we nursed them back to health on Sunday and delayed our trip home by a day. I spent Monday night at my Dad's in Pocatello (which was such a nice visit--thanks Dad & Becky!) and got home to Livingston at 2pm. I stayed home all week and battled a cold, scrapbooking and doing laundry and playing with my kids. It's so fun to cozy-up in the winter!

Here are photos from the past week--James loves the hot tub! He hasn't been feeling well--I think he's teething--and the tub makes him feel better.
James in the tub...
Happy boy in seventh heaven!

Saturday night we had Angie and Danny and Rosalie over (Davy's working nights). We ate Taco Salad, watched "Ant Bully," and Heidi and Rosalie played with Princess Mega Blocks.
Heidi is so proud of her castle! Rosalie is eating the dragon.
Heidi and Rosalie take Cinderella for a ride while Addie brings the Little People Farmer over to take care of the stables.


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