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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Perfect Day

When the wind stops blowing in Livingston, it's time to get out and celebrate! Today it was 75-degrees and sunny and the wind was "7-10-mph." So I packed up the kiddies and we were off like a herd of turtles at 10am to play at Sacajawea Park and feed ducks at the Lagoon. Look! The water is like glass, and there are NO DUCKS or geese anywhere.
The girls were so excited!
James thought the ducks were so cool!

The girls were thrilled when they finally had some ducks to feed, although they enjoyed eating the popcorn, too... hmm...I really do wonder where the geese are. They practically mauled Addie when she was little and we could come feed them.

Bye, bye duckies!

PS: Looking at these photos, I was reminded of's so green and lush, it looks like we're down south. But I just wanted to add this exquisite piece of information: it's nothing like the south because there is almost NO HUMIDITY! And therefore few bugs and little sweat. YAY THAT! I think I was sweaty every second Ilived in North Carolina, even in the shower!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gettin' Exercise...

I have started taking Heidi places and doing things that make her run around to get exercise. So instead of calling this "playing," she says, "I need exercise!" I took her to Sacajawea Park the other day and we spent about two minutes at each spot: a quick slide or two at Pompey's playground, then RUN across the soccer fields to the Merry-go-Round, then RUN to the swings, then RUN to the teeter-totter and back to the car...lots of exercise for mom & James, too! We were sad to find the latch of the baby swing broke, so James couldn't swing very high...:(
But Heidi had fun swinging and singing!
Look at her happy grin!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Week in Review: Friday Night at the Park

On Friday night we decided to have a family date and not get a babysitter, so we took the kids to the park and for a long walk before dark. James mostly hung out in his stroller, enjoying his sisters' antics...
The girls rode the fun swing,,,
...spinning and swinging and sliding...
Heidi tried to get brave and ride the tall bumpy slide herself...
...Heidi got scared and wanted Addie to help her...
...Addie tried to coax her down...
...but Heidi made Addie go first--which was a little scary for Ad...
...and Heidi, too! But Heidi was laughing by the time she landed at the bottom!
Afterward, we walked up and down Main Street (by our old apartment) and then shared a blizzard at Dairy Queen, where we saw the Larson family from our ward. It was a fun Date Night with all the kids!


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