Wednesday, December 03, 2003


We had our ultrasound this morning with a grumpy man who thought our "finding out the gender with the whole family" idea was silly, and told me that the gender was not what's important in this ultrasound. So after he prodded and measured and determined that our baby is healthy and put together correctly, and that I am measuring 19 weeks and 5 days, he waved the wand around for a second and announced that the baby's bum was right up under my belly button and he couldn't see the gender--"sorry--but that's the least important thing anyway." Um, not for a shoppin' mamma!

I was so annoyed. I didn't even get a good look at the baby--the images were super fuzzy! Dang it. I was so spoiled by all the comforts and technology in SLC with Addie. In fact, our first ultrasound with her was at the super hi-definiton machine at the LDS Hospital high risk clinic, so we saw her ears and eyes and organs, and each little bone. This time around we could only see fuzzy outlines of everything and the tech was not the least bit excited for us.

So shucks. I'll have another peek in 2 weeks when my OBGYN tries out a machine in her office; until then, it'll stay a mystery. I AM grateful that it's all healthy and stuff. I try to focuson the positive and quit being a baby myself. *Sigh* When we asked Addie if she's having a brother or a sister, she said, "YEAH!" And she's right.

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