Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Young Ones

With the recent lull in family/summer activity, Rich and I have been cleaning out the corners of our house--you know, the garage, the office, certain closets--places where you stack your junk. Well, I have a "mission box" full of funny stuff I saved from my days in North Carolina and shortly thereafter. Imagine my hysterical fits of laughter when I looked in side and found this long-forgotten photo of my Provo roommates:

If you are a child of the 80s like me, you might fondly recall the fine British sitcom, The Young Ones. Well, after my mission in 1994-5, I got to LIVE The Young Ones (well, okay--a tamer, American, girl, BYU-version) in a crappy little brick apartment above a dental office in Provo, Utah, with these three gorgeous women...(from left) There's me (I'm Rik with a silent P, the people's poet), Erin (our Vyvian, a recently converted Mormon/former punk rock girl), Heidi (our Neil, the beloved "bloody hippy" from Canada), and Piedad Fernandez (our Mike, the normal/slightly disco character, our roommate from Spain).

I could go on and on about the humor in the fact that we even got this portrait taken, or that we all wore denim shirts and were posed on a ladder (!?!?!), or just--the EYEBROWS!!! But mostly I get a happy, sunshiney feeling thinking of what a fun year that was and how much we learned and did together. Look how young and glowing we are! Heidi looks like she is about to crack up, and yet is still the beautiful Earth Day Barbie I remember (who wanted to live with chimps and marry a lawyer). I am still quite sisterly with Erin and Heidi, but we sadly lost track of Piedad when she graduated from LDS Business college and stopped working at our favorite taco stand, Diego's. Between the three of us, we have TEN kids with 2 more on the way. Erin lives in England with her Dentist husband and Heidi lives in Seneca Falls, NY with her chiropractor husband. And I think we all drive mini-vans (heh, heh).

Once in every lifetime,
Comes a love like this,
Oh I need you, you need me,
Oh my darling can't you see.
Young Ones.--Darling we're the Young Ones
Young Ones--Shouldn't be afraid
To live, love, there's a song to be sung
Cause we may not
Be the Young Ones very long.


Happy Gilmores said...

Why are you up cleaning and lifting heavy boxes of missionary stuff? Huh? Get to bed, Sista!

dscokween said...


Should I be glad it was those roommates and not me you found in your box? I had dreams the other night about Jandy and Mary for some odd, pregnant reason. I'd love to know what's happened to them, too, if you know.

Jamie said...

oh, jules...if only i had photographic evidence of our time at Frankenhaus!! i was just telling my bro-in-law the other day about Bunny and how the cops just hung out on our street waiting to arrest her and Mandy...I had forgotten what a freak show! I am still doing Christmas cards with Mary. She married Fred and they have four boys now, I think, all with one syllable names like Dan, Sam, etc. (I should go look---I keep Christms card pix in a little Christms album). But I never knew what happened to Jandy, crazy cat lady. I got a Christmas card from Katrina--living in Seattle, still making music and art, has a cute little boy and a husband in the bishopric (huh!?!) It's so crazy when I start thinking of all those people....I'm just glad WE SURVIVED!

brent said...

Ha ha. I remember those days. So 90s, it's not even funny! White turtlenecks...ahhhhhh!

Jamie said...

Brent, I should have put you on our Young Ones Cast list as the Mr. Balowski character--the guy who pops in from the dorms to visit us and eat Cocoa-Roos!! Of course, we HAD a crazy landlord to play the part of himself, and then there were the House fo Fun boyz next door. Erin, do you remember when we saw that one guy blowing snot rockets in the backyard, and then he noticed us sitting in your car laughing? Remember funny Munn, and Lane, whose Mormon family threw him a Bar Mitzvah for his 15th birthday? Or how Steve Hansen would just come sit in our living room? "Be a wildabeast and pass the salt..."

Carla said...

Hey Jamie, I remember meeting those roomies -and Erin coming to my bridal shower even. England? Wow!

My roomies (nannies from NY; remember Michelle, Cheryl & Shannon?) and I got our picture taken too, but it didn't turn out half as cute as yours. In fact, none of us even purchased it -it was THAT bad!

Hey, BTW, happy 13th anniversary of Rockingham, NC! Thanks for dropping a note :)

Jamie said...

CJ--Talledega Nights looks like a fun walk down memory lane in ROCKINGHAM! I wonder they even do there now that Nascar doesn't race there anymore.

Carla said...

That movie DOES look like it could've been shot right there in Rockingham, doesn't it?! I didn't know that NASCAR doesn't race there anymore--I wonder why.

I guess they'll always have the JCPenney parking lot--with speed bumps--to "cruise" their low-ride purple pimped out rides!

Jamie said...

You'll laugh when I tell you how I learnd that they shut down the Rockingham raceway...I was watching a Bio-segment on American Idol about Bucky (heh, heh) and his Dad said, "Bucky making the top 10 is the best thing to happen to Rockingham since they shut down the raceway."'s the best thing to happen to Rockingham since Wood-n-Post rocked the summer of 93! (PS: the sister missionaries here just called to see if I could teach with them tonight--no joke! I told them I was sending a messge to an old comp--funny!)

Brooks said...



Geo said...

I love it! Oh, do I remember you all so well in that incarnation. What a great shot. Heidi probably was about to crack up.

I just stole that picture for my files!


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