Saturday, September 30, 2006


Susie & Jamie (in Paul's Red Car)- Tucson, 1988
Happy Birthday, Susan!
(and Happy Conference, all you Mormons!)
PS: I just noticed (at 10:30pm),
"Celebrate good times, come on... There's a party goin' on right here..." Okay, that was totally unplanned, but how cool is that? And on Su's birthday! And while I am post-scripting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW to my dear friends, Kurt &'s one of those "special" birthdays that ends with a zero for Debbie, so LIVE IT UP! You don't look a day over 29, girl, plus you get to hear from GBH on your big day! Woo-hoo!
(knowing so many cool people born this week--like LISA ROBBINS ANDERSON-9/25--makes me wonder about astrology--hmmm, maybe Libras really DO rule!)


Debbie Holm said...

Thank you for remembering our birthday!!! You are such a great friend. And, thank you for blessing my life with your blog!!!
I love and miss you!!!!!

Geo said...

You are Jamie no more but One-kay. Happy 1000th! That's cool!

Love the photo too. You are glamour.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Robbins Anderson says: I'm famous! I think this counts a minute or two towards my 15 minutes of fame allotment. Thanks, Jamie!

Meeky said...

Whattup Maj?

I totally remember Paul's red convertible...that got stolen, wrecked, and recovered (in California wasn't it?)! I totally do NOT remember Susie ever looking like that though. Not her best, but you're certainly sporting the "Absolutely Fabulous" look there. What great memories...thanks for your blog.

Jamie said...

Here's what Susan said in an email:

By the way, I love that picture of us on the link you sent me (“this date in history….”). The look you are sporting is still very in style, with the big glasses and all. Very Material Girl.

Who is Meeky by the way? I have had no luck in the past when trying to add comments to your blog, but I do want to defend my hairstyle and general look, as critiqued by Meeky. The hat was protecting my hair from Paul’s convertible windstorm! Plus I think it’s very cute anyway. And Paul’s convertible was stolen from Tucson Mall if I remember correctly. Do you ever hear from Paul?

...I haven't heard from Paul in 2 years, and it was 4 years before that, and Meeky is Michael Gregg! For the record, I, too, think you look gorgeous, Su! We got those hats and sunglasses from my great-grandma--remember? She sisn't want us to get sun burned riding in the convertible. The photo was taken on her street!


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