September Gurl

It's almost my favorite month and my favorite season!
And how cute (thoughtful) is my Grandma to send me THIS?...

...with a note that said, "I thought you would love this." Pretty dang cute. And she was right! I DO love it, and not just for the awesome quote and fun photo, but because it says "SEPTEMBER!" I am a September Girl/Gurl (as are many of my best friends like Sooz, Lisa A., and Aunt Party) and now I have a little September Boy!
And I am soooo excited for fall!

So, seriously, my grandma is so great. She is always thinking about her family, sending little notes and clippings to us. Clipping and Word Searching and crocheting in her comfy chair watching cop shows with Gramps. Almost every week I get a little love note and all the relevant Sunday paper coupons. I take a few that I use and pass the rest on to my friends. I bought a file to keep them in now so we can make better use of them;I hate for her hard work to go to waste.

And you know what else? That cute September picture came to my mailbox on Grandma & Grandpa's 57th Anniversary...they celebrated with a Sweetheart trip to Mesa to attend the temple and go out to lunch. I think it's pretty cool that Gramp can still take Gram on fun dates when he is 82...all you husbands take note!

Hope you had a Happy Anniversary,

Grandma & Grandpa!


Jill petersen said…
Awwww, Gram your awesome! I love getting things in the mail from you!
Jenn said…
I hope I'll be a grandma like that to my grandkids....
cmhl said…
I love that! I have a sept baby too (wheeee, better start planning that party!)
LUISA said…
Hey Jamie-- What's your email address? Have you been getting my emails? I just haven't heard from you.
Jamie said…
Lu--Yes I got your emails and LOVED them! They really made my day last week--I wrote you backthe other night when I got a minute and I still use that same address. I look forward to visiting one of these days and meeting baby Eden (and Asher, for that matter!). You guys are great friends and I miss you!

cmhl: I miss YOU, too, e-friend! wasssup over there?

Jenn: You will be an awesome grandma (that is, of course,if life doesn't drive you crazy by then--you're in my prayers).

Jill: Aren'we so blessed with awesome Grams (and late Great Grams?) Let me know if you need any coupons! :)

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