Monday, June 23, 2008

Somewhere Down the Crazy River

Today we headed out at 9:30am to play at the ranch and have a picnic at Sacajawea Park.

The water on the Yellowstone is still way-high, after a month, and there's still lots of snow to melt. Remember our beach & camp site from this post, or this one (scroll down)?

They're under water!

There were deer near the garden when we drove up the road
Over by the houses, the kids played in the tree and rode the Addie and Heidi climb the I-beam that will one day support the Pirate Tree House.
"We made it!"

Abby and Heidi in the tree
Abby and Marshall climbing down from the tree
Addie and the sun

Bubby swingin' in the sunshine...

look at that high water!
On the way home from the ranch, the valley looked so beautiful...

look at those black angus!

I love those mountains!

Later we went to picnic at Sacajawea Park...James was excited about the cows!
Adie & Abby as Lewis & Clark
James as Pompey
After quiet time, we all enjoyed some popsicles!


And that's our day so far! Right now we are getting ready to have tacos for dinner and plan our Independence Day camp out for FHE...good times, yo!

PS: You can watch/listen to the song here.

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Jenn said...

Hey...glad that you got out and about today! My sis and her family will be here next week. We will have our usual cook out and smores roast on the night of the 4th...i would love for you to meet my sis and such...and I would love to have you ALL over. So let's make a date...ok?


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