Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Photos

Ahhh, summer at Casa Melin
It's so warm, James wants to wear a skirt

The kids and the cousins love the wading pool daddy bought for them
James discovered the hose
Water is FUN!

We're so glad to see Grandma Rosalie again!
Our Summer Solstice/ Birthday BBQ Party on Saturday night--everyone sings Happy Birthday to Rich!
James was excited about Daddy's birthday candles

(one for Daddy and one for Grandma)
Daddy opens gifts as Rosalie, Heidi, Uncle Mike, and James look on
Daddy's coolest gift
Abby & Marshall later on Saturday night...
...we had some post-bath/ pre-bed s'mores to test out the new firepit
James thought it was super fun! He kept saying, "HOT!"
Tonight (Sunday), Abigail and Adeline graced us with a Fashion Show.
Heidi, Marshall, and James got in on the action, too.
I will upload the video ASAP, because it is something to behold!
I still feel yucky, but got some rest today. I hope for good sleep tonight and lots of energy to face the day tomorrow! ;)
PS: I just got an email that reminded me that some of my blog readers may not know that Marshall and Abby are my two youngest siblings. My mom and stepdad have had them since they were babies (adopted them in 2000) and they both turn 9 this year. I thought mom might rest easier if I (and my other sibs) entertained them for a few weeks until we have a grip on how to deal with the chemo. My mom also has a great ward--lots of church support--so they will be fine spending the second half of their summer break at home. I will take them back to Washington at the end of July.


Geo said...

Wow, look at those grownup kids!

Feel better, love.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

Yes, I am so sorry you feel crummy. It's not fair for you to have to deal with that with extra kids. Everyone looks like they are having a good time though! Happy belated birthday to Rich! Gramps and I put together a fire pit yesterday! It's similar to that one. I didn't get to enjoy it though. I love the pool! James looks so cute with his skirt on and holding the hose!!! Keep your sanity my sweet sis. Let's talk about meeting sometime soon to swap kids. I don't think you should worry about Ally and Belle. Don't stress yourself out!

Carla said...

You're amazing Jamie! Hope you feel better. Your grass looks amazing--Gene didn't fertilize this year so ours is pale green, meh. Prayers are with your mom!


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