Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super Saturday

I've done A LOT of [fun] things today for someone on bedrest! First I got up early and made some yummy food for a brunch baby shower for my PTO friend, Christina Howell (who is having a baby boy on the 13th). Christina opening gifts with her kindergartner-daughter, Evie.

Christina's friend, Amber, came and did some mom-pampering, Mary Kay style.

We all went home with fabulously soft hands and lips!


We cleaned up and had a little lunch, then it was time for Heidi's Tae Kwon Do tournament at the high school.

Heidi getting ready with her group

Mouth Guard!

Heidi all suited-up to spar

James & Addie cheering Heidi on

Heidi (in red) sparring

Doesn't she look fierce? (and cute?)

Round House to the noggin!

They kinda look like they're dancing
Shaking hands & bowing out

Shaking hands with the opposing coach

Congratulations from Big Sis!

My three cutie pies

Heidi winning 3rd place in the yellow belts

(and she's still just a white belt! She cried because she "wanted to win, " so i had to point out that coming third in yellow belts was like getting a B+ on a second grade test when you're only a first grader--really great!)

Heidi with her trophy

YAY! We're so proud of our little TKD fighter!


Wonderful (sunny!) Day! How was yours?...

We're thinking of my brother Michael and new sister-in-law, Amber, who are getting married right about now down in Utah. We love you guys and can't wait to hear all about it! CONGRATS! XO

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter despite Grandma Rosalie (aka the Easter Bunny) being in Florida this week. We managed to delight the children without her, and it was was pretty fun, though I am exhausted! (Good thing this is the last major celebration before the baby comes cuz Mama's clockin' out for a while now!) Anyway, here are the pictures. Please forgive the obvious lack of the Easter Sunday church outfits picture. The kids were so excited to hunt eggs with their cousins, they changed before I could get pictures!Addie & Heidi were the first ones up at 6:30 am and they were excited about the Squinkies in their baskets...

Yay, Squinkies! Doncha love Addie's rag rollers?

Girls and Baskets

Heidi got another (mini) Lala Loopsy.

This one is Peanut Bigtop and she comes with an elephant!

Silly girl with silly socks

James woke up after 7am and found his basket.

with an Easter Thomas engine that pulls a Sodor Jelly Bean company car

a carrot full of jelly beans and m-n-ms

We took Addie's rag rollers out and look at her hair!

She loved it!


Then we were off to church at 9:45am so the kids could sing some prelude music. Sacrament meeting was nice and I got to teach a Relief Society lesson about Elder Bednar's Oct 2010 conference talk (what it means to actively RECEIVE the Holy Ghost)--good stuff.

After church, Daddy & Uncle Mike hid eggs in our yard and the kids went wild hunting them.

Cousin Dan & Addie


More James

Mike & Heidi

Addie, James, and Heidi

Heidi with her booty

The kids divvyed up their eggs to share with cousins Hannah and Rosalie (who were not allowed to come to the egg hunt for some crazy reason).

My cuties out in the, I LOVE my kids!

It was a beautiful day, sunny, warmer than the rest of the week, totally appropriate for Easter and the promise of new life and better days ahead.

In case you missed my post on facebook this week, here is what I posted on Good Friday:

Happy Good Friday! Good Friday always breaks my heart, and that's why I love this message: "No matter how dark your Friday, Sunday will come!" I miss my Grampy so much it hurts sometimes, but this year more than ever I will celebrate Easter and feel the scripture, "O Death, where is thy sting?" Hooray for Sunday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm In Love With His Nose

I had an ultrasound today to measure the baby and fluid and whatever else they needed to know. He--and it's definitely a "HE"-- is measuring 35 weeks + 5 days and looks like he's an ounce shy of six pounds. There didn't appear to be any cord-tangling and he is head down, with several pockets of fluid to keep him comfy and room to grow the next 3 weeks. So yay that, right? I get to start twice-weekly non-stress tests at the hospital tomorrow night, and I actually look forward to that. It's nice quiet time and I get reacquainted with the hospital and the nurses and I get to eat all the yummy hospital ice I want. It's the little things, people. :) I'm grateful to see the baby doing so well even when I am feeling DAWG TARD--it's motivation to hang in there for a few more weeks. The kids liked seeing him, too (he had his foot smashed against his forehead for most of the session--so funny).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ranch, Easter, & Other Stuff

On Saturday at the ranch, Mike finished the tiling upstairs and started rocking the fireplace (which is now finished & beautiful). Have a gander... Upstairs spare bathroom tile
Great work, Mike!

Excuse my dusty is the basement family room from the stairs. It's going to look so cool with the cozy furniture and the entertainment system!

Goodbye, white brick, hello rocks!Out back, things are thawing out. The river is rising and the grass is starting to green...

...Spring has NOT QUITE sprung, but it's getting there!

Monday and yesterday (Tuesday 4/19), it snowed like crazy.

Today, Wednesday, the snow is almost all gone and the ground is all spongey.

My tulips keep growing thru the snow!

Today I went to pick up James from preschool and found this BUNNY BOY!
(he made the ears and his face is painted with a blue bunny nose & green whiskers)

He was excited about this duck from his teacher

(I like how you can see the Strupps' van in the background)

Last week for Activity Days, Addie made this egg

and James (& I) made this egg for a sample--so cute!


Lastly, our new stroller/baby carrier came in the mail yesterday. It's FABULOUS!

Now all we need is our baby brother to put in there!

I foresee lots of great family walks with our new wheels! YAY!


Dear Loved Ones,                                                                                                                         1...