Saturday, April 24, 2010

You Got Some 'Splaining To Do...

I am already tired of hearing people they are ashamed to be Arizonans today. Dude, my state is represented by two dolts (I've yet to meet someone who voted for them, and yet they continue to legislate in our names) who do things that embarrass me on a regular basis, but I'll never be ashamed to be a Montanan. Or an Arizona native. Laws and legislators come and go, the land and its peeps are forever.

UPDATE 5/5/10: I also found THIS LINK helpful.
I think THIS is an interesting discussion about what's happening is Arizona. I am neither outraged nor thrilled. My general feeling is you've nothing to fear if you've nothing to hide, BUT that's easy to say up here in Montana, far from the crisis. I love Mexicans AND I love the law AND I think it's super ingnorant when people get bent out of shape when a law starts being enforced.

BUT I also like the practical arguments of this article because unenforceable laws just make us look stupid and impotent, and I think there are better, more realistic ways of cracking down. oh, sigh.

I don't sound very libertarian here, which is why I don't call myself one, although that's generally how I roll. I kinda feel the same way about this as I did when my parents said they'd never get OnStar cuz the government would be able to track your every move. Mmmmkay, but as for me and my house, we've nothing to hide...that'd get really boring for the government really quick! However, I know there are great legal minds and fabulous constitutional scholars who will hash this out and make it fair for BOTH the legal, tax-paying citizens of Arizona AND the immigrants who do--legally or illegally--so much to make a life here.

(Yes, I know there is a huge crime problem stemming from the immigration crisis, but I also know lots of good, hard-working people who get screwed by the system, including some really dear friends/fellow BYU students and missionaries, the issues run super deep and there are no simple fixes). I am interested in reading your opinions if you can share them rationally (without getting angry).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Not Afraid Because I KNOW

Thinking of my "middle-little" sister tonight... some consequences seem more than we can bear and I pray for mercy and comfort for her tonight. Sinead O'Connor's "Last Day of Our Acquaintance" has been running through my mind, hurting my heart.

And then there are the illnesses...still no good news, just waiting.

A long time ago, Maria McKee had an album called This World Is Not My Home and I loved that title because I have always felt that way. At first it was a sad, hard thing for me. But now I am grateful that I don't belong here. I make the best of it but look forward to better. So when my sister told me about this new Carrie Underwood song, and then my cousin posted its video, I put aside my country/pop aversion and gave it a listen. It's really quite good, and painfully appropos. CLICK HERE to visit Cousin Pearly's site (she's my younger twin, btw), and cry along with me tonight.

Old man, hospital bed,
The room is filled with people he loves.
And he whispers, " Don't cry for me, I'll see you all someday."
He looks up and says, "I can see God's face...
This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through.
This was just a stop on the way to where I'm going.
I'm not afraid because I know... this was my temporary home."

This is our temporary home.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Provo Parade of Homes

As mentioned below, this year marks twenty years since I moved to Provo, so I took my nieces and my kids on a little photo safari to take pictures of my old houses. Come stroll down student-ghetto-memory-lane with me...

267 W. 1200 N.--Truth be told, I did live in a 6-person apartment at the Riviera all by myself for 3 months before I moved into this basement apartment with Mary Bown and Jeanne Buchert in August 1990. But who needs a picture of the Riv? Not me. We had tons-o-fun at this house and I started the long process of really growing up at this house--painful lessons, Twin Peaks +pumpkin cookies+ Pepsi, good friends, etc. I remember spending a week with Willy before his mission at this house. We watched the Gulf War begin on our tiny TV here.

The next summer, I lived here at Frankenhaus (is it 189 E. 500N.? Right by the BYAcademy/Library) with a bunch of people, including Julie Paynter Callahan. This is where I met my soul sista, Lisa Robbins Andersen, too. Back then, the Academy building was abandoned, surrounded by chain link, prolly haunted, and it wasn't as fun to live by it as it would be now. One time, all our friends who lived here got arrested for playing hide and seek in the Academy Building. For some reason, I stayed home to study that night (huh?!?!) and missed out on the experience. Best memories here are late nights with Kevin (we watched Johnny Carson retire here), slurpees from the nearby sev, and glow-in-the-dark frisbee in the intersection.

I began to settle down a bit and looked for a quieter place to live than Frankenhaus. I lived briefly in a house in Orem, but after a month or two I moved in with Jeanne Buchert again at this sweet little row house at 639 W. 100 N. This was probably the best living arrangement ever--so peaceful and fun (well, except for our arguments about the dishes--Jeanne bought new dishes rather than washing the dirty old ones, so I introduced her to paper plates and my crazy clean-freak side--we of course forgave each other for this). Both our brothers (Martin and Willy) were on missions and I have fun memories of us sitting down to write them wacky collage letters. It was in this house where I received my personal revelation to serve a mission, and I lived here while working at Maeser Elementary with Dawnelle Sanders. Really good times (and a cute house).

My next "apartment" in Provo was the MTC...I entered on October 7, 1992 and stayed for 18 days. Then I was off to North Carolina Raleigh.
This, of course, is my Heavenly Father's house, which I visited often after October 1992.

When I came home from my mission, I lived for a couple of months in an apatment complex until this little beauty opened up (right above a dental office! I would once again live above a dental office in Livingston while we built our house, but when Erin tried to mock me, I said, "I may live above a dental office, but you live WITH A DENTIST!" --word). It's not the prettiest building, but inside many beautiful things happened. I made two of my dearest friends--Heidi Buchert Egan and Erin Lyman Casper--and learned how to live a life of post-mission integrity. It was a wonderful year!
Don't forget the boys next door at the House of Fun...
Or our beloved Sev...the 7-11 where I threw my change under the bushes (for homeless people or for later), where we bought nachos and slurpees (because corn is a grain, cheese is dairy and jalapenos are vegetables and slurpees are fruit) to eat while we watched NHL and Simpsons!
I left Rupper 5 to move to DC/ North Carolina for a year, then I moved to Tucson to finish my degree at the University of Arizona. I didn't return to Provo until the new milenium when I got a job teaching English at UVSC and writing marketing copy for Morinda. I lived for a month with Erin, who was now married and had just given birth to her third child, until I found this condo:
This secluded little villa on Carterville Road is special because it is where I met Richard, and where I lived until I moved into our little Draper love nest (at the complex now known as Adagio). I lived here with Kooky Julie, then Michelle Cook, and Kim Sidwell. Totally pleasant experience all around!
We lived up in Salt Lake County for one year after we were married. But in November 2001, when Addie was born, Richard got a job in Provo, so we looked for a place there. Rob and Geo rgia Buchert found this house right next to them and we moved in in February 2002. We stayed until Rich's company went under in September, then made our big move to Livingston. This house mostly holds crazy post-partum memories for me, but again, a great experience.
This concludes our Parade of Provo Homes. We hope you enjoyed your tour...please exit to your left. :)

Spring Break Day 2: Tour de Provo

This year marks 20 years since I moved to Provo, so I took the kids on a little walk down memory lane when we woke up on Saturday morning, March 27th ( you may recall, WAAAAY back when I posted about our hotel slumber party). We took photos of all the places I lived, got gas and sodas at "my" old station on State Street, and took a picnic to Bridal Veil Falls (still freezing cold).
This is a close up of the silly shot below--apparently "silly face" means "Stick your tongue out!"
Heidi, Ally, Addie, Belle, and James
Sweet kids at Bridal Veil Falls
Silly Shot!
It was too cold to hang out in the canyon for long, so we headed back into Provo to visit Buchert Tribal Headquarters (it just occured to me the other night that I have never devoted a post to explaining this "other family" of mine--I will write it soon). I am kind of rude that way--just droppin gin when I find a minute--but it's the only way we ever see each other! So we stopped to check in with Ellen and George ("Mom and Papa Buchert") and Aunt Jen (Jeanne Buchert, my former roommate and dear amiga). They were home, working on the yard, cooking chikcen soup, and generally just chillin'. It was WONDERFUL to see them.

Heidi at Bucherts'
James, Heidi, and Addie feeding the chickens

Addie look a bit pouty, but check out the chickens!

Heidi whipped Addie with a switch she found in the backyard, hence the red eyes. The girls came inside and Belle, Addie, and Ally learned some beading ideas from the master, Aunt Jen.

Heidi stayed out and over fed the chickens.

The kids had a wonderful time exploring Bucherts' back yard and I had a wonderful time catching up with some of the dearest friends of my life. It was so soothing and edifying to visit with Ellen and Jeanne, to eat Ellen's perfect chicken noodle soup, and to feel love, love , love! I am so glad we stopped--a good time was had by all and the afternoon just flew by. Before we knew it, it was 4pm and time to head out to Lehi to spend time with my sisters.
(Little did I know, at the same time I was enjoying some Buchert time, my Grandpa in Arizona was being taken to the hospital with bleeding ulcers, and later, lymphoma...good thing I stopped by for some edification--I needed it!)

Spring Break Days 3&4: Church and Dinos!

Sunday Morning, Sara and I got up and got everyone ready to go to church at the Petersen's ward in Lehi. We had a nice meeting and visited with Jill's friend, Lisa, after the meeting. While the kids were in Primary (we left everyone there with Drew), we ran back to the hotel to clean up and get play clothes for the kids so we could go straight out to mom's house after church and cook a nice Sunday dinner (sadly, mom was still not well enough to enjoy it).

We took Ally and Belle with us out to Nana's house--here are all the kids except Marshall after church.

Heidi, Addie, and James at Nana's house 3/28.
We had a nice dinner then went up to Murray to meet up with my Layton sisters, Erin and Rhonda, for Erin's son Max's first birthday. It was so great to see all of them! I didn't take any pictures, but I am hoping Laura will hook me up!
Monday was our big activity: The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. We checked out of the hotel and headed to Lehi at 11am.

Heidi, James, and shark!

Heidi, Addie, and James ready to watch the awesome IMAX movie!

Papa Post, Addie, James, and Heidi.
Papa stopped by to see us after the IMAX because he was right in the neighborhood.

More dinos and crazy kids....

Addie made a fabulous dinosaur world while playing at the "Erosion Table" (a long, winding tub of sand and water and dino figurines).

We loved this display of insects (and other things) stuck in amber


YAY! The T-Rex room!

Awesome Turtle Skeleton!

A tiny prehistoric elephant skeleton--he woulda been the perfect pet for Heidi!
After the dinosaur museum, Aunt Debbie (our Livingston friend, Heidi's special buddy) wanted to meet up for treats at the TG Point Ice Cream shop...

Addie loved her float!

Heidi got a mint-chip cone

Haylee and James waiting for treats

Heidi with Deb and her SIL, Cara.

The decor at the shop was so cute!


James with a chick
I kind of fell in love with these chicks and ducks in the Emporium!
We had such a good time there with Aunt Debbie, we decided to bring the cousins there the next day! Monday night, we headed back to Nana's house to eat Chinese food and have FHE (sorta) with Aunt Sara and The Grays--Aunt Janet, Rachel, and Christa. It was such a nice night, and we slept well in Nana's guest room!

Spring Break Day 5: Pack It Up, Pack It In

On Tuesday morning, Papa Mark took Aunt Sara to the airport early in the morning, so I got up and got Abby and Marshall off to school and did our laundry. I cleaned the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms while my kids slept in. Later Cousin Autumn came over and we had a nice visit while I fisnished the laundry and fed the kids some microwave soba noodles for lunch. I made an extra dinner and stuck it in the fridge, and then loaded up my kids to head to Idaho for the night. But first we had a treat stop with the Petersen cousins...

Ally, Addie, and Belle at the Thanksgiving Point Ice Cream Shop.

James and Ben loved their ice cream cones!

Jack and Heidi shared a root beer float

Ally and Addie split a shake
(isn't that a great deal? you pay the regular price, but they put it in two glasses each with its own whipped cream and everything!)

Isabelle has raspberry yogurt with gummi bears

Belle is so cute!

Three Cousin Pals!
After treats at Thanksgiving Point, we said good bye to our cousins and headed north to Papa Jim's house. It was a stormy drive, but we made it...1/3 of our way home!

Spring Break Day 6&7: Idaho & Chico

Tuesday night we drive from Lehi to Pocatello and slept over with Papa Jim & Grandma Becky. My step sis Kaycee is staying there for a few weeks, too, while her house is getting renovated, so we got the see her cute girls Becca and Abby, and her new red-headed baby boy, Rhys (soooo cute!). We arrived just in time to watch American Idol--I was surprised and delighted that my dad watches and has favorites! I failed to take any photos there, but took this one as we drove away:

Beautiful view of Pocatello from Dad's neighborhood.

This is what Bozeman Pass looked like around 2:30 on Wednesday 3/31, about 20 miles from our house....more snow!
On Wednesday night, my bro Matt and his family came to sleep over and go to Chico the next day. Aunt Amie's birthday was coming up on Saturday 4/3, so we made some chili and a bday cake and they brought cornbread and salad and we had a delightful dinner (when I laid down on my bed, I thought of my Grandma home alone that night, my heart broke--I called her and we talked for a long time, and that's when I learned that Grandpa had been diagnosed with lymphoma and wouldn't live much longer--it was a conversation I will always remember). Then we had a sleep over, and yummy breakfast, and headed out to Chico to swim.

Chico Hot Springs
Jacob Post

Sam Post Matt Post with James
My Darlin' Heidi
Heidi with a snow ball


Sam and James on deck

We went inside for some hot cocoa...James and Addie shared

Heidi and I shared...yum!

Such sweet sibs!


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