Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So Long, Farewell...

Last night while we were cleaning up from dinner and Family Night (we made Halloween sugar cookies and sang Primary Program songs), Peter took this picture of our family.Today we are taking Peter to the airport so he can fly home to Slovakia via NYC. We sent a care pacakage of the cookies we made last night for him to share with Zuzana. We will miss them a lot! The only bright side is that we need to separate the girls to do some sleep training with Heidi , so now we have a room for Addie to sleep in until Heidi learns to go to bed and stop disturbing the whole family! The nice thing is that Zuzana and Peter will probably come back next year! They won't live with us but we can stop in and see them at work or have them over for dinner! :) Next summer we will teach them to cook Mexican food!
On a totally different subject, I was reading cjane's post about her halloween peeves, and I realized that I share them all. I also was reminded that I haven't shared one of the weirdest things about myself. I have serious issues with doing free advertising for companies by wearing their brand names on my person. I worked one holiday season at the Gap and I was really annoyed that I had to wear a branded shirt, but later figured it was okay since they were paying me. I LOATHE clothing with cartoons, which I feel is another form of free advertising. Rich thinks I am a mean mom because I won't buy the girls Disney Princess (or other character) clothes. Well, I have been a little more flexible with the kids. We found a really cute, INEXPENSIVE pair of sneakers for Addie with a subtle Hello Kitty on them. And each year we pillage the after Christmas sales and find $3 Old Navy fleeces. I'll wear those because they are practically free. And if the kids receive (subtly) branded items as gifts, I let it slide. But come on-- we are human beings with dignity! Companies should not be allowed to advertise their wares on the temples Heavenly Father gave us. To me, it's like a tattoo. And if somebody is going to use me that way, at least they should be paying ME, not the other way around! ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Feature

I feel like poo today an I made it worse because I think I forgot my morning meds (see how pathetic? I can't even actually remember if I took them or not. There is a downside to being mellow...I am also quite stupid these days, too).

Last Thursday (Jill's Birthday) was the premier of the final season of Scrubs. In honor of my good pals JD, Elliot, Chocolate Bear, Carla, Dr. Cox, Jumpsuit, etc., I will be posting my favorite quote from each episode. By the way, I found the first episode a little bit anti-climactic and lame, but still funny. I missed my friends at Sacred Heart. Quote of the week:

"Seriously---am I having a stroke, or is someone cooking an omelet in here?" --Dr. Kelso.

On a less-funny note, I was away from my computer and unable to wish THREE of my brothers a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this weekend.

My brother, Willy, turned 35 on the 26th
My brother-in-law, Jess, turned 35 today
My brother, Michael, turned 22 today

Yeeeehaw! that's the great thing about having a huge and ever-expanding family...it's always close to SOMEONE's birthday. October was always a big month in my nucear family. November was an off-month, but now we've got Maeby Post, Angie Melin Gray, Dad Layton, Ben Petersen, Rosalie Gray & her soon-to-be-born sister, Darrin Lehman, Sam Elrey, and Kelli Melin.

Also, we have been watching Armageddon Week on the History Channel and have something to add to last week's prophecy: it occured to me today when some scholar was explaining that people who end up without the mark of the beast won't be allowed to buy or sell, that we may end up bartering with our food storage. So maybe after we meet the recommended year supply, we should have extra for currency. I'm just sayin'....you could probably buy ANYTHING with awesome homemade/ home-canned salsa or toilet paper. Or wheat. Or Tylenol. Think about it, yo.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


My sister Jill was born 28 years ago!

THIS is for her:

Happy Birthday, Pickle!


On Saturday we decided that James was just too shaggy, so Rich shaved him down. Here is the "before" picture on Saturday morning.
While this was not James' first haircut (it's his 3rd), it's the only one attended by our resident photojournalist, Addie. She took all of these pictures...
Daddy and James in the bathroom
"What's up with the hawkmo, dad?"
(Rich was sad because I wouldn't let him seal our son's fate as a social outcast by giving him a trashy little mohawk or mullet, so for a minute he had a hawkmo, just like dad).
I think Rich took this--James & Addie
Poor James Ole wonders what's going on...

I love that Addie caught this face--it's James' new whiny face. When he's annoyed, he makes this face and kind hyperventilates through his scrunched-up nose. Apparently he is not a fan of the clippers.

Waiting patiently for the final touches...

Afterschool Playtime

On Thursday, 10/11, the girls riding bikes with our neighbor, Taylor
Heidi with her best pal, Mama Elephant.
Silly Face

Saturday the Thirteenth

Last Saturday was CRAZY! Rich was in charge of the wheat grinding booth at the Emergency Preparedness Fair in Bozeman, and we wanted to go to Helena after the fair. So he left to set up at 9am, and the kids and I did some chores and followed him at 10:30. He did a demonstration for the whole 4 hours, so we have lots of great fresh ground wheat, AND we learned how great the impact grinders are. The fair was really cool-- there was a lot about creating, managing, and rotating/using your food storage, but also lots of first aid, fire prevention, financial planning, water storage and treatment, and alternative energy. The fire department had a cool mobile home there called the fire house and they took kids though to teach them about fire safety and they climbed out the back window at the end. They even served free lunch and lots of food storage samples. It was great fun! Here's Addie in the leaves outside the Stake Center.
LEAF GIRL! While Rich finished up at the fair, we went down the street to the Museum of the Rockies. Since we are members, we get mailings about new exhibits (over the summer it was King Tut's stuff) and the girls couldn't wait to go learn about bats.
The exhibit was wonderfully interactive and we had so much fun! See the girls hanging like bats? After that, we went upstairs to the Discovery Center...
...where the girls fought over this cool dinosaur costume...
...and Heidi hogged this cute little log cabin. James enjoyed "the pit" full of foam pads and cubes to stack and jump on. Sadly, I don't have a picture of that cuteness.
Crazy Addiegator
Here's are the girls having sun in the reading corner.

At 2:30pm, we picked up Daddy and drove to Helena. We went to Posties to help them with tile and see Uncle Michael. We wanted to see the Lehmans, too, but Darrin's mom arrived the same time we did and we never met up. We did, however, have a BLAST with Matt and Michael (Poor Amie had to work, but we stopped into see her around 8pm).

Our kids jumped out of hte car and immediately began playing with their cousins, Jake and Sam. They were all so happy to see eachother. Here's Ad pulling the wee ones around.
Heidi, Sam, James, and Jake.
Later, after dinner and furious playing, all the kids took a bath to get ready for Sunday. Once they were all clean and in their jammies, we headed home to Livingston.
Thanks, Posties, for all the fun! It was so fun to see you, Mike!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Retro: The First Week of October

Blogger and/or my computer has been acting up lately, so I haven't posted many photos. Tonight things seem to be going well, so here are a bunch of pix from 2 weeks ago. (Click to enlarge any photo)First of all, this is how the streets looked on October 1st. I took this picture as a birthday present for Debbie, but then I realized it would probably make her sad (down in the 90-degree Arizona heat, homesick for Montana)...but Deb, I hope you had a happy birthday!
This is how Addie looked when I picked her up from school on the 1st...later that day she lost her top left tooth!
On the way down to Utah, we stopped and visited my Dad and Becky in Pocatello. Dad made us such a delicious dinner, and the kids had so much fun playing in his (massive) backyard. My step-sister Casey's daughter was there--Becca is only 6 weeks older than Heidi and they are quite the pair. We had such a nice visit--dad & Becky, thanks so much for having us over! We had a great time!
James Ole exploring Grandpa's kitchen 10/03
Sweet Baby James sleeping in our hotel room in Utah.

Jill whipped up an amazing Mexican feast for Sam's birthday...the haze is from the smoke from his candles.
Addie, Heidi, & Uncle Sam ready for some cake.

Audrey, Kristen and Will at the bowling alley. Cosmic Bowl was Sam's Bday activity of choice.
The boys tried really hard to beat the girls...
...but Kristin beat EVERYONE! My score for both games was around 163...hers was 220 or something like that!

Monday, October 15, 2007

What the....?

Some of you may have already heard about our new theory about the end of the world. Remember, we were watching the History Channel (dang that channel, it always sucks us in...it is useless to resist). Within a couple of days, we saw a show about Mayans and then another show (The Universe, the Sun episode) about how the sun shifts polarity in these big old solar storms with flares so strong they can overwhelm our atmosphere and cause spontaneous combustion, magnetic shifts, and all kinds of other havoc. We learned that the Mayan Calendars end in December 2012, AND that the next big solar thing would happen in 2012. Hmmm...Rich said, "Okay, I'm callin' it...the world ends in 2012." Kidding...mostly.

[Turns out, we're not alone. In fact, it looks like we're the last to know...read here about the Mayan thing and here about the solar thing]

Add to that the fact that Hillary Clinton could be our next president--perfect! She can screw up the world enough so Jesus will have to come fix it. And we can all wear THESE T-shirts, as seen on The Colbert Report during "The Road to Armageddon" segment (Stephen, like me, often contends that conflict in the Middle East just leads to Armageddon and speeds up Jesus' return...he also has a T Shirt that says Welcome Jesus on the front and Welcome Last Imam on the back--heh, heh).

Also, Al Gore just won the Nobel Prize, which makes me want to poke out my own eyes. It's gonna get a whole lot warmer, Albert, when that solar flare cooks us and your friend Hilary makes us lose WW3. [It's Environmental Blog Action Day. My action is to promote preparedness (see links below)]

AND... on a not-so-funny note, the prophet has told us not-so-subtly that it's time to get REALLY serious about food storage and Emergency Preparedness. I mean, a whole Ensign centerfold this summer? Geez.
We got the hint.
Did you?

On a lighter note, here's our theme song:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday is Ballet Day

On Tuesdays at 4, Addie puts on her ballet clothes...
...and we stop to pick up her friend, Boston, to go to ballet class.
When we get to ballet at 4:15, Miss Kathleen greets all the students with the ballerina doll (Boston is behind her on the right; Addie is second from left)
After warming up, we practice the five positions at the barre.
Addie is learning how to hold her arms and point her toes and turn out her ankles.
After lots of practice, we sit in a circle to practice straight backs and beautiful arms and hands. One girl gets to "wind up" the other "sleeping" dancers.

Ballet Class is FUN!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dim Bulb & Bright Autumn

Two Pumpkins: James 10/8

I am having the hardest time updating the blog--or doing anything on the computer--or doing ANYTHING besides sleeping, laundry, and snuggling my kids. And I am TERRIBLY absent-minded...scary! I DID upload and crop all the recent pix on my camera, so I will take the next big step of uploading them ASAP.

For now, you must enjoy these HAPPY FALL pictures of the Melin Kids, taken Monday 10/08

Heidi, Addie, & James


Monday, October 08, 2007


We got home late last night from an emotionally and physically exhausting trip to Utah...I don't think I am quite up to traveling yet, I felt terrible most of the time and most of the people we went to see weren't especially happy to see us.

But we LOVED conference (Scott's and Oaks' talks are the ones resonating right now); Rich had fun and did lots of work at Jeff's and we did have a blast with the Petersens and at Sam's little 30th Birthday party--Jill made him a great taco dinner and we all went Cosmic Bowling afterward (you can see Jill's blog for weekend details). We also had fun traveling with Peter and Zuzana. They continued on to Arches for an adventure and came back and toured SLC on Saturday. Zuzana caught her plane home to Slovakia early Sunday morinng, and I think she got home the same time we did! :) We will miss our cute little Zuzi! Peter is here for a few more weeks.

TodayRich left at 4:30 am for a conference in Great Falls and won't be home until Tuesday night. So me and the wee ones are gonna take lots of naps and live on PBJ for the next coule of days! As for now, it's naptime! Later, loves...


Dear Loved Ones,                                                                                                                         1...